Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hugh Bonneville's arse? Oh kay... who's the pervert?

Earlier today, your Reaper was looking at the Feedjit tool on the right-hand side of the home page. It appears on every page on the blog in the same area and details everyone that arrives and departs from the blog. It also tells me if they came from a search engine and if so, what query it was that actually sent them here in the first place.

From time to time, I get some arrivals which could be described as rather bizarre, but this one probably has to be the most curious and intriguing for quite some time. Just over an hour ago, I came across this particularly disturbing arrival from the search engines. Because it's such a wide picture, I haven't been able to show it in its entirety here, so feel free to click it to see the full size version. Expect the unexpected, that's all I'm saying:

Well, there's definitely no pictures of Hugh Bonneville's derrier on this website, so I have absolutely no idea what this particular person might have been looking for. Perhaps the 195-carat actor has a bottom as fine on him as his acting skills, I couldn't possibly know. His wife may well be able to tell us, although I'd prefer if she didn't. Mind you, they could well have been looking for something else about the famous family-orientated married actor, of course.

Sorry to disappoint, I suppose.