Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The hopelessly deluded Paul Flynn MP

Fresh from the news that US politicians seem to be developing a worrying habit of sending naked pictures of themselves to younger women come some interesting comments from Paul Flynn. Speaking to the BBC, the sexually irresistible MP for Newport said:

"It's a complete mystery but there's not much doubt that the two little letters [MP] after the name do enhance the allure of women and men when they get to this position. It's difficult to explain it but very dangerous in these situations where MPs find themselves when they are away from their spouses for four or five days a week, in circumstances where they are working closely, often, with members of the opposite sex.

I find it totally mysterious myself because MPs come in all shapes and sizes and they are the ugly and the foolish and the frail - all kinds. But there is this attraction. One MP told me about his own exploits and it certainly helped that he was an MP. If you know people who are turned on by politics, they are more likely to be attracted by people who are adept at the political game, in the same way that people who are musicians or racing drivers would be attracted by high skill in that area."

Obviously, your Reaper does not find Paul Flynn MP sexually attractive. To most right-thinking people, the prospect of getting gonorrhea is probably more attractive than the idea of having a moment of passion with Paul Flynn. That said however, his remarks aren't that far off the mark, especially when applied to political journalists. Bear in mind that there is a woman out there who actually had an affair with Andrew Marr. Yes, Andrew Fucking Marr.

If he's able to have an affair, there's hope for anyone.