Thursday, August 04, 2011

The world sends its sympathies to Somalia

As you may be aware, there is a famine in Somalia at the moment, and things out there are getting extremely serious. This is something your Reaper has written about previously with great concern. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is taking it quite as seriously as I did. Take the Mail on Sunday, for example. They, too, are concerned about what is happening in Somalia, but their concern is obviously in a slightly different area. Perhaps they are wondering what the latest fashions out in this African country are.

What else could possibly explain their decision to send Liz Jones out to cover the famine?

Out of all the reporters they could have sent - and boy, do they have some good ones to choose from - they decide to send a reporter whose previous career high included visiting the Ram bar in Bristol to do some investigative journalism into the death of Joanna Yeates. Her conclusion? In her own words, "I wish [Joanna Yeates] had spent what were probably her last hours on earth somewhere lovelier". Yep. I shit you not.

To say that it's grossly inappropriate to send a person whom has previous represented the very worst excesses of the fashion industry's obsession with dieting and appearance, and who also appears to be completely self-absorbed and have absolutely no connection whatsoever with reality, out to a country like Somalia to cover a famine is to make one hell of an understatement. Indeed, there has been much outrage about it. She is due to file her first piece on the subject for the Mail on Sunday this coming weekend, and your Reaper is dreading finding out just how insensitive and offensive it will be.

However, the ubiquitous DM Reporter has decided to use the opportunity to do some good. He started the @LizJonesSomalia Twitter feed first in order to take the piss, and then launched a charity appeal. In his own words:

"If every [one of my] follower[s] donates just £2, we can send £13,000 to starving human beings in East Africa instantly! Like that! Just by enjoying a Twitter stream. How awesome is that? £13,000 could vaccinate 13,000 children, feed 1200 people for a fortnight or buy 500 family hygiene kits to prevent the spread of disease.

All week we've all had a laugh, we've made fun of Liz Jones and criticised the hell out of her - now let's make this experience about more than just a snarky Twitter feed and save some lives, and in the process stick it to a newspaper that thinks Twitter is just for telling people what you had for breakfast. So come on - chuck in £2 for a good cause, or £5, or £10. All money goes directly to the DEC East Africa fund. It's easy, safe and, should you wish, anonymous. Let's turn all the jokes about famines into something positive."

What are you waiting for? Go and chuck some money into the pot. At the time of writing, it contains just under £4,100 already. In the meantime, feel free to write abusive messages about Liz Jones in the comments section, and if Google is passing by whilst indexing this page in their search engine, do me a favour and scan these search terms. We know that Liz is a terribly vain person, so help her find me!

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