Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Actor who's married isn't actually married? (Part 9)

Your Reaper had received a few complaints after Part 7 of this unexpectedly long-running series on a certain actor and comedian who has quite a lot he wishes to hide from the public. I was told that it wasn't exciting enough, and for some reason, many people were expecting rather more in the way of revelations that would titillate the masses along with Teh Injunction Cat. So I shall make up for it now with quite a lot more information about this man's extra-curricular activities.

We've all heard of people having an affair - we've even heard about people having two or three affairs behind their partner's back. What you may not have seen before however, and I certainly haven't, is someone having affairs with no less than SIX different women.

That's as many as I have been able to establish definitely happened, and there could have been as many as ten and possibly even more. All of them occurred in the past few years, and the majority of them overlapped one another. He even had a woman in her twenties whom he would often meet up with for BDSM sessions, followed by unprotected sex when he was performing a show - a comedy show, that is - in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. Whether he still does is not something I have been able to establish.

He also had dalliances with a number of women who lived in London and other cities which this comedian occasionally attends for either stand-up performances or for various TV work - of which he's had a lot less lately, incidentally. His most recent appearance involved a cameo appearance in a video for a jazz-style cover of an old song. He comes across as a ridiculous old prat who'll do anything for money. Strangely enough, this is increasingly how many people in the national media, who are aware of the truth about this man, view him. He has very little else in the way of work nowadays, and has had several job offers withdrawn over the past few months by employers who don't wish to be tarnished should the truth emerge.

How did he meet all these different women throughout the country? Well, the exact details vary with each woman, but generally speaking, all of them occurred via Twitter and Facebook, on which he used a number of fake profiles. A number of them still exist, showing the man clearly has no idea how to cover his tracks. Most of the women are based in and around London, where the actor spends the majority of his time, but others are based in various cities around the UK where the man often goes to in his lines of ever-dwindling work.

Each of the women had different personalities and characters, and each had different thresholds of pain whilst being whipped. All of whom, however, have a disturbing enthusiasm for unprotected sex. I understand that one of the women claims to have got pregnant with his baby, but I have no way of verifying if there's any truth in this rumour. He also hired prostitutes occasionally, although given that he may face criminal prosecution over one such incident, he has stopped doing so for the time being. Although there is no such sign of him applying such caution elsewhere - he continues to frequent forums under pseudonyms to this day.

However, his most blatant affair took place with a married mother of two children who is in her early thirties. Her husband knew nothing until recently about her secret life with this man. Your Reaper has previously spoken to this woman via Twitter, and she comes across as quite a pleasant person with a fairly distinctive sense of humour. When asked by myself recently about the actor in question, her defence of the man was lukewarm, and I struggled to understand why. After all, I was told that she had fallen in love with the man, and I also hear that the man claimed he would leave his partner to be with her - a lie which she wanted to believe so badly.

In the end, of course, he didn't. The married mother occasionally contacts the actor, but seldom receives any response. The man, quite simply, isn't interested. He has moved on to conquests new, and continues to look for women on a regular basis...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Actor who's married isn't actually married? (Part 8)

Your Reaper regrets the delay in publishing the next episode of this long-running series about a certain actor and comedian who has an awful lot to hide from the public. I was ready to publish one that had a considerable amount of information in it, revealing the true extent of the actor's cheating and lying, but I'm afraid that I have to issue a correction before I continue.

I have tried hard during this series to make sure that everything that I publish is accurate. There are tight legal constraints in place over the matter, and it isn't my wish to end up on a contempt of court charge. I have previously stated that the actor in question likes the world to think that he was happily married to a pottery artist. This mystery got deeper and deeper, and now I have heard where exactly this story came from. It appears it may not have been the actor who was responsible for it after all.

A reader contacts me with the details. As he understands it, the edits to the actor's Wikipedia entry were inserted by someone, presumably female, who had previously edited his page to state that she loved him. Whether this editor had any link to the actor is not known, but the edits were made around January 2010. The claim about him being married was inserted at around the same time and was only corrected a short time after your Reaper started this series. Someone had clearly worked out who the actor was.

Perhaps this was a slip-up by your Reaper and I do apologise for it. That said, I don't think I have done too much wrong here - certainly not from the actor's perspective. The man in question is, according to his friends, quite a vain and insecure person who keeps a close eye on what is written about him online and in the more traditional media. Which makes it all the more surprising he didn't wish to correct the record. Then again, he used to tell the women that he met up with for BDSM sessions and unprotected sex that he was a single, 41-year old man with no children.

In reality, he is a few years older than that, and has been in a relationship, though not married, for almost twenty years and has two children of his own. I may well have made a mistake here, but I think someone else has made a far greater mistake. And as you'll soon discover in Part 9, the true scale of what he likes to get up to has yet to emerge...

This post has been amended since it was first written. The original stated that the actor in question had been married for almost two decades. This is not the case. As pointed out by an eagle-eyed reader, he is not married, but he has been in a long-term relationship for almost two decades with the same woman. Apologies for the unfortunate error.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Actor who's married isn't actually married? (Part 7)

This actor and comedian, who has previously appeared on the BBC and been paid therefore with licence fee money, likes the world to think that he is married. It was the intriguing revelation that he was not that started this series in the first place. Your Reaper has been digging away at this mystery for some time now and has discovered the truth about the actor's marital status.

The reality is that the man has what could be defined as a long-term partner. Although I know the identity of the woman, I cannot reveal it because that would mean that he could also be identified. In order to get to the bottom of this mystery, I have had to dig into the newspaper archives of the past. The woman in question is an actress whom the actor and comedian in question met back in either 1989 or 1990. This was corroborated by an article which I have seen from The Independent way back in 1994 - which is available online, much to my surprise.

Further to the mystery is that the actor's own website does not actually state what his marital status is, and that the actress herself may well be happy with this state of affairs. The actress, with Lark Rise to Candleford connections, gave an interview to a Scottish newspaper in February 2010. The interview notes that she lives in London with her three children - two of whom she had with the actor, and one which was born from a previous relationship. More telling, however, is the publication of her partner's name. Only his first name is published - his surname does not appear - and he is referred to as her "husband".

At the time of writing, your Reaper does not know whether the two are still together - although my understanding is that the woman concerned knew nothing about her partner's sexual proclivities until rumours started to appear on the internet a few months ago. And as I will disclose in Part 8 soon, the true extent of his cheating has yet to emerge.

* For a reminded of previous editions of this series, just click here.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Following England's dismal performance last night...

...against Wales in the football, one has to beg the question - what gives? They may well have won the game thanks to Ashley Young's rather good goal at 35 minutes, but it was more due to luck than anything else that Wales' Robert Earnshaw missed an open goal with only 13 minutes to spare. Capello was reduced to a shambles afterwards, meekly arguing that the England team don't play well when they're at Wembley. Your Reaper would point out in response that England don't play well most of the time nowadays, and that Capello may well hold more than a little bit of the blame for that.

However, might there be a possibility that one or two of the footballers in the team have their minds on matters off the pitch? There haven't been any injunctions granted to any footballers for months - the last major one was granted to CTB, the man named in Parliament as Ryan Giggs. Are we expected to believe that the legions of cash-wielding footballers have collectively and suddenly decided not to have sex with women who aren't their wives or girlfriends?

Just thinking out aloud...

Monday, September 05, 2011

The tragic case of Cecelia Ingraham

An interesting case reaches your Reaper from the USA and reported on Mail Online. It concerns a woman called Cecelia Ingraham, whose only child was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in 2003. Despite having fought it off, it returned in 2005 and she died in May that year. Naturally enough, as a mother who had lost her only daughter, she was heartbroken. What happened next is... well, here it is.

She had worked for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical since 1994, and kept pictures of her daughter and her ballet slippers at her cubicle at work. She also had a tendency to talk about the death of her daughter constantly. So much so that employees started complaning about the matter. They said she was making them feel "uncomfortable" and causing a "disruption". After leaving the company, Ingraham sued the pharmaceutical company for emotional distress and constructive discharge. The Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, found for the company.

This is a difficult one, but I think that the court got it right on this occasion. Now, I cannot begin to imagine just how devastating it is to lose a child, especially at such a young age. What happened was nothing short of a tragedy. However, as someone who is experiencing a difficult episode himself at the moment, I can tell you that there is little point endlessly dwelling over something that happened in the past. Nobody is saying that Ingraham needs to pretend her daughter never existed - that would be a ridiculous and insulting request.

The boss could well have dealt with this better, to say the least. Simply telling a grieving mother to stop talking about something is rather insensitive. That said, something had to be said, because things were clearly going too far. I would suggest that this woman seeks some counselling, not just for the sake of herself, but for everyone else around her.

Badger Brows and his not very interesting book

Your Reaper has never been interested in so-called political memoirs. By and large, I consider them self-serving books which are often full of admissions that should have been made far earlier, and are released simply in order to make a bit of money for a has-been politician. Which is why I have generally done everything in my power to ignore the latest one to come out - that of the former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

In the extracts which have made it into the press so far, he reveals a lot of stuff that we already knew. Apparently, Ed Balls wanted his job. Yeah. And he thought Gordon Brown was very hard to work with. These two things are nothing new, having heard them already a million times before from other sources. Yet people who should know far better are being taken in. Aren't there more important things to worry about right now than what Badger Brows thought of the former Prime Mentalist?

The Grim Reaper suggests that people spend a lot more time talking about present day problems and a lot less about the previous government, even if doing so does make Labour feel distinctly uncomfortable...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Does London feel like an English city to you?

It's been many a time over the years that your Reaper has heard people saying that certain places no longer feel "English". In a past life of mine, I remember talking to a work colleague about the issue of immigration. His view was that there was far too much of it - to be honest, the bloke was a racist cunt, something which he freely admitted to, especially the second part.

Racism is something I have very little time for, but there was one point he made which I found hard to disagree with. He was talking specifically about the city of Bradford on that occasion. He said that he was in the city a few months earlier, and he couldn't help but think that it was like entering another world. All that he saw were these Asian faces and mosques - or as he put it less eloquently "The city's full of fucking Pakis. It's next to impossible to find a single English person in the place. Didn't stumble across a single one during my two days there".

Perhaps this is how I would feel about London. John Cleese seems to think the place no longer feels like an English city, and this has caused some consternation. I'll be perfectly honest - any contribution that I can make to this kind of debate is extremely limited. London is not a city that I have been to since 2005, when I visited a few times. I'll be visiting the city again in October - the reason being that Miss Reaper is going there on business and she's never been to the capital before. All that I would say is that if it wasn't for immigration, the city of London would stop functioning very quickly.

I honestly don't believe that this is an exaggeration. The last time I was there, I don't think I heard a single Cockney voice. The hotel that I was staying at was being run by an Indian family, and almost all the staff that I came across in the shops and supermarkets were foreigners. Or were they? There's simply no way of knowing. London is probably one of few truly multi-cultural areas of the UK - it's a nonsense to say that the UK is a multi-cultural country, but cities like London most definitely are.

Ultimately, I don't think that the experience of London would be any different to any other big cities, like New York or Paris or Berlin. I think that all those cities and many others I could name would have a United Nations of colours, and that they would be all the better off for it. Finally for now, however, I would have a suggestion to make to the California-based Mr Cleese since he feels this way. If you wish to help make London feel a more "English" place, why not come and live in the city yourself?

Do your bit. Put your money where your mouth is. Or is it not sunny enough in London for you?

Friday, September 02, 2011

Actor who's married isn't actually married (Part 6)

Although your Reaper is currently on a break from blogging, this is something which I have decided to write about. Just when I thought that I had reported everything about this particular man's curious private life, more information comes to light. And the information in this case is quite disturbing. For the man's sexual proclivities and love for BDSM could well be responsible for an investigation by the cops.

It appears that he was taking part in a BDSM session earlier this year, and was whipping two young women. It's alleged that they were prostitutes he had hired, but I am unable to find any confirmation for this. For all I know, it could well be just two of the women he had met through social networking sites under a pseudonym. As is often conventional during the engagement of this sexual practice, a "safe word" has been agreed.

If you don't know what that is, let me tell you. A safe word is a code word which is sometimes used by a submissive partner (in this case, it would have been the two women) to let the dominant partner (the actor in question) know that they were reaching a certain boundary or limit. They may well be reaching high levels of pain, for example. A safe word could be used to stop the scene entirely, though it can be used to indicate a willingness to continue with the practice, but with a lower level of intensity. In the BDSM community, the safe word is very much the equivalent of a Bible. Once the safe word has been mentioned, that's it. You back off.

Unfortunately, this man didn't get the message. According to an account which I have come across, the man in question was in the middle of a BDSM session with the two women, and one of them mentioned the safe word. I don't know what the word actually was, nor do I know whether the other woman proceeded to say it. My understanding is, however, that the man in question committed the ultimate sin by ignoring the safe word. He proceeded not only to continue whipping the woman, but actually increased the intensity with which he was doing so. The woman was allegedly left quite badly bruised by the encounter.

Indeed, it was so bad that the woman in question decided to go to the police, who are currently investigating the matter. It remains to be seen whether any criminal charges are brought forward against this person, but the level of violence must have been very serious for a sex worker to contact the cops about it. Increasingly, it appears that one of the reasons that this man's injunction was granted was because publication of the details at this present time, alongside his name, could well pose a risk if this matter were ever to come to trial.

Whilst this is perhaps understandable, it doesn't explain why he still hasn't told his partner about any of this. As someone who is encountering a period of difficulty himself - although nowhere near as bad as this - your Reaper has some advice for this actor and comedian. Quite simply, you really should tell her about this. She will probably be devastated to find out just how terrible a partner you have been, and it could well destroy your relationship entirely, yet it's vital that you tell her. If you have any respect for her, you would tell her. This is a horrendous burden for any one person to carry. You'd be surprised just how people can respond when you're honest with them.

Oh, and if you can't be bothered going back through the blog's archives, here is a brief summary of everything else that I have previously written in this series. Links are available should they titillate your interest as much as they do for Teh Injunction Cat.

Part 1: We discovered that the man is an actor and a comedian, working and living in the UK. He wants the public to believe that he is a happily married man, in a marriage which has produced children. How many children is something he has never specified, but he has referred in the past to his "daughters", suggesting there are at least two. In reality, he is not a married man, and has never been one. He's actually in a long-term partnership with a woman that he has no intention of ever taking down the aisle.

Part 2: I reported that this man obtained a strict privacy injunction some months ago in order to prevent allegations about his BDSM activities from being reported in the newspapers. The man in question had been in the public eye discussing a matter of some public interest, but went strangely quiet shortly after the injunction was granted, and cancelled a number of public appearances. Perhaps this was the advice he was given by his lawyers, I do not know. I also disclosed that used a variety of pseudonyms on social networking websites in order to find women to whip and have unprotected sex with, and that he may well have caught an STD in the process. None of which his long-term partner knows anything about.

Part 3: The man has a number of sexual fantasies. There is nothing wrong with the idea of a sexual fantasy, I'm not saying that at all. However, this one would raise several eyebrows if it were to emerge about him. In 1974, an Italian film was released called The Night Porter, starring Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling. In the film, Dirk played the role of Maximilian Theo Aldorfer, a former Nazi SS officer. Charlotte Rampling, meantime, played Lucia Atherton, a concentration camp survivor. The two had what could be defined as an unconventional relationship. Whilst Max could be seen in the film tormenting Lucia, he could be seen in others acting as her protector. Indeed, from what I hear, many of his fantasies appear to be about Nazi pornography and abduction.

Part 4: Despite his increasingly questionable sexual proclivities nearly having been outed in the newspapers a few months earlier, I revealed that the comedian in question STILL frequents internet forums and message boards under pseudonyms looking for young women to beat up and act out fantasies which involve unprotected sexual intercourse.

Part 5: This episode revealed that talk about the actor's extra-curricular activites was beginning to emerge on the internet, something which he has done nothing to quell. A few months ago, a profile appeared on a website which belonged to this man - under one of his several pseudonyms. The profile had not been logged into for quite some time, although that does not necessarily mean he did not frequent the website. The man proceeded to show how little he knows about the internet by simply creating a new profile for himself and telling his friends on the site about his new name. His "new" disguise was uncovered after less than 24 hours.

Behave yourselves in the comments section, please...