Monday, December 19, 2011

Want to write for the new place, do you?

As your Reaper outlined in his previous post, some changes are coming to his blogging career. Most notably, my solo career as a lone ranger is coming to an end. As much as I would like it to, blogging simply does not pay the bills, and I do have other things to do.

Whilst this blog has been successful beyond any expectations I had - over 380,000 views in just over a year have taken place, which I find incredible - it has come at a high cost in terms of time. Maintaining a blog and posting several pieces a day, as well as responding to people's comments and keeping an eye on what's being said on Twitter simply became too much for one man. To a lesser extent, spending so much time on blogging can also be to the detriment of immediate friends and family. It's hard to have a conversation with someone when you're also replying to a tweet - it just doesn't look right, you know?

By this stage, plans for the new blog are at a fairly advanced stage and I'm looking forward to starting it. I'm hoping to kick off in January with a combination of what you're used to now from this blog along with some slightly different material. Which is where some of the people who are reading this post might come in. How do you fancy writing for my new blog?

There are only a few things which I ask for. You need to be able to write and you need to be able to think for yourself. A brain is the only thing which I absolutely must insist on. You'll be allowed to write about any subject that you want with almost no restrictions whatsoever. There will be no hanging around waiting for a post to be published by me either - you get to publish immediately or schedule its posting time without editorial approval.

I want people who know a thing or two about the world, and who are prepared to say what they believe, even if it risks making them deeply unpopular as they do it. I want people who are unpredictable, but not too unpredictable. Whilst it's good that readers know what to expect when they visit a blog, it's also good to give them a surprise from time to time. Though writing something just to shock people in itself is rarely a good idea. I also have no problem with having writers who are members of a political party, as long as they declare that and they aren't shameless tribalists.

I don't care if you already run your own blog and have done so for several years or if you've never done a day's blogging in your life. I don't care if you want to do it for your own entirely selfish reasons, or even if you think I'm a prat. If you're interested in writing regularly for the blog, I'd like to hear from you.

Guest authors will also be welcome at the new place. People will occasionally be invited to contribute something, or people can ask to do so themselves. I have no problem with either. People of all political persuasions and none are welcome to write as guests, but bear in mind that a large percentage of my current readers lean towards the libertarian side of the political scale. Therefore, if you are a far-left communist arguing in favour of renationalising the railways, you probably will get a negative reaction.

Finally, although I intend to be an accommodating editor and probably the one who'll give you the most freedom to write as you please, I do have to impose one or two restrictions on authors. Here they are:

1. You cannot use this as a platform to libel someone or publish blatant untruths. I'm not interested in conspiracy theories about certain politicans being closet paedophiles, for instance. There are plenty of other sites if reading that kind of drivel interests you.

2. Don't even think about breaking a court order or injunction - though feel free to sail close to the wind as this blog often does on such matters, especially when you are dealing with gossip along the lines of who has been shagging who. You are particularly welcome, for example, to write cryptically about the 195-carat actor and family man that is Hugh Bonneville, who is mentioned in passing here for absolutely no reason. Calling him Hugh Bonnefail and using unflattering images of him are encouraged.

3. Anyone - and I mean ANYONE - who holds a critical opinion of Kelly Brook is ineligible to apply. Seriously. No matter how good a writer you are, this is one thing I simply will not tolerate. Regular readers will know why. This blog loves the woman known as Teh Kelly, and this love/infatuation/obsession will continue on the new one. And anyone who comes onto the new blog to slag her off will be dealt with in a similar manner. Here is a quick montage of Kelly Brook pictures before we resume.

Moving on...

4. If you hold positive views on Ed Balls, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Vince Cable, Gordon Brown or most other politicians this blog regularly had a go at, you're probably best keeping that to yourself. Anyone who's a member of a political party is welcome to apply, but that is something that should be declared. Us bloggers cannot seriously demand transparency of others if we are not open about our own interests.

Finished reading this and still interested in writing on the new blog? Send me an email from here telling me who you are, why you want to write on the blog and ideally, show me a few examples of anything you may have done in the past. All applications will be considered and feedback given. If you've taken the time to apply, it's only fair that I take the time to respond. There's no formal closing date, but as I do wish to start the blog within around a month's time, it might be best to get in there quickly.

Good luck and see you on the new site!