Comments Policy

If you've arrived at this page, you most likely aren't here out of curiousity. You're either absolutely bored rigid and have nothing better to do than read the comments policy on a blog that nobody reads, or you're miffed because a comment you've submitted hasn't been published, or has gone into moderation or was deleted after your Reaper decided it was a bit too close to libellious for me to risk carrying. So let's get this out of the way - this blog isn't a place where any deranged lunatic with an internet connection can come and rant all day about anything they want. That's what Old Holborn's blog is for.

I don't like moderating comments. It’s incredibly boring, not to mention it prevents me from doing what I was put on this realm to do - though if anyone knows what that is, please do tell me. There are only a few rules as far as comment policy goes, and enforcement is admittedly somewhat arbitary.

Put simply - don't insult your host. For example, you wouldn't come into someone's house and proceed to piss on their shoes, would you? So, don't come onto my blog simply to cause trouble. It just makes you look like a sad berk who has no life. Which you most probably are. You're reading this, for God's sake. If you simply cannot resist the temptation to have a dig at me, at least try to be original and witty whilst you do it. That way, I might just allow it through comment moderation or not bother retrospectively deleting it. Or I might just edit your comment to make you look an utter twat. Intense Debate allows me to do that, you know. Moderator Kitteh might well exercise that power...

If you want to say something which is downright libellious, will result in a legal injunction being broken or do anything else which could land me in deep legal shit, I have a friendly message for you. Fuck off and do it elsewhere. As I made clear earlier, I don't run some sort of speaker's corner here.

Nor do I run some adjudication system for people complaining that I’ve deleted one of their comments. The same policy applies to spammers and other blogroaches - their comments will vanish quickly enough. This blog is my property and visitors are here as guests. Though fellow bloggers are welcome to link to relevant pieces on their own blogs, I would like to be paid if you wish to advertise here.

As mentioned briefly earlier, The Grim Reaper Writes uses the IntenseDebate comments system, having become extremely annoyed with Blogger's refusal to introduce threaded comments as standard during those heady days of developing the blog. You don't need to register for any account to comment here - though you can log in to Intense Debate using your Twitter account, if you want - but try to use some kind of name when commenting. There's nothing worse than trying to follow a debate where half the participants call themselves "Anonymous". Or "Peter Hitchens". Ask Guido Fawkes if you don’t know about that one.

Actually on second thoughts, don't bother. He'll only end up complaining.

Just be warned that any comment which contains more than one link will end up in the moderation queue – it’s just a standard spam deterrent more than anything else. There are also some words which will also get the comment sent into moderation straight away – things such as debt-consolidation and palm-texas-holdem-game, things like that. Innocent stuff could end up there by accident, but I will always try to clear any moderation queue as quickly as possible.

Oh, and finally, language in the comments is not an issue I especially care about. The Reaper is not easily offended. Want to use the comments section to call someone a cunt? Then you may use the comments section to call someone a cunt. This especially applies if your Reaper also believes they are a cunt. Just make sure you're prepared for any reply that may come your way.